The statistics you DON'T want to hear

The holidays are coming!  The holidays are coming!

With the holidays come temptations.  The Average American gains 8 pounds between Halloween and New Year’s Day.

Your Challenge: Defy the statistics.  Commit to your health during the busiest time of the year and you can win prizes!  Better than the prizes will be the feeling that YOU are Superwoman and it control of your domain.

Stop by the desk to pick up your COMMIT TO STAY FIT tally sheet.  The top 10 point earners will win!

It's FREE to Play! Click for Guidelines

Contest Guidelines:

  1. Commit to exercise as much as possible between November 5th and January 1st
  2. Visit the front desk each time you workout to get your attendance card signed and your point card initialed.

The Top 10 Point Earners WIN a Prize Package.

10 winners will be awarded in each location!  Keep your point card in the location where you wish to compete.  You may collect points by attending classes at either location.


Earn Points to WIN!